Proposal to Make the Trial 20mph Speed Limit Permanent in Dunbar


The 20 mph speed limit trial south of the railway line has been in place for a year now and most people will have formed a view on whether it has been successful.  This latest public consultation, which runs until 15th February, gives you the opportunity to share your views.  If you live in the current trial area, you should soon receive an update information leaflet and questionnaire, which are also available online here.  A display board about the proposals will be available to view at the Bleachingfield Centre, Countess Crescent until 15th February.

Your views are important; feedback from the consultation survey will be reported to East Lothian Council who will then consider whether to make the 20mph limit permanent or not. If survey results confirm a reduction in speeds, an increase in the number of people cycling and majority of respondent support for the 20mph limit, it will be made permanent when the trial ends in June 2015.  Please return your completed questionnaire by 15th February.



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