Keep Me Warm

RosetteHouseholds signed up to take the Household Canny Challenge can access the free Energy Audits and Advice Service. We can help with advice on measures to keep your home cozy and to save energy. To get more information contact

Draught Proofing Service: All households signed up to take the Households Canny Challenge can get free drought proofing done by our technician (while our stocks last). To book our technician to get your home draught proofed please contact:

Curtain Insulation: We have a good supply of curtain insulation to make your existing curtains more efficient to keep you warmer and save on energy bills. This simple and easy measure makes a big difference. Please contact to get yours.

If you are not already signed up to take the Household Canny Challenge it takes a couple minutes to do so click here.

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