Dunbar Grammar School Community Chicken Coop

The DGS Community Chicken Coop is home to 10 happy free-range hens and is located at the back of Dunbar Grammar School. It is a true community effort! We are always on the look out for new members so if you are interested please do not hesitate to contact Janet McDougall Welch janetwelch@sustainingdunbar.org.

The Coop opened in November 2012 with start-up funding provided by Community Windpower. It is supported by Sustaining Dunbar and run by 14 different families. Each family has 1 duty a week so that the hens are seen twice every day. The hens lay between 3 and 10 eggs per day and these are divided amongst the coop members.

The main aim of the coop is to provide a supported environment where members of the community can learn how to keep healthy happy free-range hens. The coop also provides the opportunity for families who cannot keep hens themselves to gain more experience and to become long-term members.

The coop also provides a resource for Dunbar Grammar School. It is used by the Science and Social Subjects faculties in lessons. We are hoping to develop the use of the coop to deliver Learning for Sustainability outcomes from the Curriculum for Excellence. There are a number of teacher members of the coop as well.

There are ongoing costs for things such as food and bedding and occasional one-off costs. To keep the coop sustainable all members (aside from those with committee roles) contribute £5 per month by standing order to an account currently held by Sustaining Dunbar. All costs are paid from this account.

There are a number of roles on the Coop Committee:

  • Hen Health – Laura Punler. The hens require regular checks by all members but when there are issues we refer to Laura who is a member of the coop and a vet.
  • Promotion – Siobhan Grealy. This role involves advertising the coop, recruiting new members and writing press releases.
  • Training – Isobel Knox. Each new member gets free training on how to carry out the regular weekly duties as well as how to clean out the coop. Cleaning is done weekly on a rota so each family cleans out once every 14 weeks.
  • Membership Secretary – Janet McDougall Welch. The membership secretary coordinates rotas and keeps up to date records for members.

For more information visit the Chicken Coop Facebook page